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Next level phone protection

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Cold Case Gear Vs The Competition

When safety counts you can count on us.

Because it’s not just a phone anymore. 

It’s your life. And we’ve got you covered. The West Slope Case – phone protection like you’ve never seen before. The phone has become an essential part of our lives so it needs a durable case to protect it.

We rely on them for navigation, communication, and both media consumption and creation; they’re also a means by which we contact loved ones when things go wrong or if there is any news worth sharing!

Absurdly Waterproof. 

Our West Slope Case is about to tell all your "water-resistant" or "splash-proof" phone cases to give up their lunch money, punk. Our West Slope Case can get submerged in over six feet of water and it floats back to the surface. Can your “waterproof” case do that?

So whether you're rafting down a river, taking a dip in the pool, or caught in a torrential downpour, your phone will be safe and sound. Plus, it's Bluetooth compatible so you can still tell Siri to play that next track and leave your phone safe.

introducing our indestructible phone cased dubbed the west slope case. cold case gear makes the most indestructible phone case on the market and named it after our corner of Southwest Colorado. Have a great winter with our indestructible phone case.

The Most Rugged Phone Protector. Ever.

We really tried to break it.

A lot of folks throw around words like unbreakable but what exactly does that mean? We've launched our West Slope Case off mountains to try to quantify our threshold of drop protection, it passed with exceptional results.

Scratch-resistant? Yup, we’ve got that covered. When your device is secured in our West Slope Case you can rest assured your phone screen will stay scratch-free, even without a built-in screen protector.

How about an impact test? Yup, we took a hammer to a tempered glass screen protector and it passed that too! What we're trying to say is that our phone protector can handle anything you or the world can throw at it. So go ahead and take that risk, we know your phone is in good hands.

The Indestructible Phone Case That Does It All.

Modern smartphones aren't smart at managing battery power when the mercury drops. That's why we created our Indestructible West Slope Case! This adventurous phone case is built with you in mind and is insulated with aerogel insulation to protect your device (and keep it charged) no matter how low or high temperatures get outside. 

The benefits include; A durable design that will stand up against any wear-and what happens on trails; Quick access to your phone and is fully compatible with Bluetooth accessories. This thing literally is drop-proof from over fifty feet and will protect your data even after a huge impact like that.  So go ahead and ski, snowboard, hike or climb to your heart's content- we've got you covered.

We know that phone protection is important to you, so don't wait any longer. Protect your phone with the West Slope Case – the most heavy-duty phone protector out there!

Universally Compatible