the cold case stops your phone from overheating

Going outside to play? Your phone needs to work.

Your epic pictures.

Your apps and maps.

You need to coordinate. Collaborate. Maybe even survive.

Your phone is essential gear. Get outside with confidence! From peak to sea, protect it with a phone case as adaptable as you.

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This floating phone case belongs on your river adventures. The west slope case is an indestructible phone case for every day use.

Sturdy enough for Space. And anywhere on Earth.

Meet the The Cold Case

Built from a mix of space-age materials — including the same aerogel insulation trusted by NASA — the Cold Case is the insulated phone case to protect your tech during your most extreme expeditions. 

  • Waterproof
  • Submersible
  • Heat resistant
  • Cold resistant
  • Impact Proof
  • Small particle-proof
  • Extends battery life
  • Floats
  • Made in the USA

Best of all, The Cold Case helps extend battery life, which could save your life.

The Difference Is Clear.

The Clearwater Case is more than a waterproof phone case. It’s an invitation to a whole new world. Take underwater photos thanks to the innovative Cleartouch TPU material that allows you to use your phone's screen and camera through the case.

  • Waterproof up to 100 feet
  • Dustproof
  • Easy magnetic closure
  • Self-sealing design
  • Airtight radio frequency welded seams

 If your tech gets wet, you’re sunk. That’s why the Clearwater Case keeps your phone dry wherever you like to float, paddle, boat or sail. 

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Torture Testing Our West Slope Case

the west slope case is an indestructible phone case that loves to play dirty

Will my phone fit?

Yes!, Our universal phone case fits just about any phone! Whether you’re trading smartphones every year to keep up with the latest trends or still rocking a flip phone, the West Slope Case protects them all. Even phones equipped with an existing case will slide in and out with no problem. The West Slope Case is great for your Garmin, Spot, or other GPS device and power bank.

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Covered by a lifetime warranty.

Rock, snow, ice, water, sand, no matter the elements, we are confident our products will stand the test of time. While our case isn't bulletproof it can withstand direct hits and impacts of very high force. Our whole line of phone protectors and cases is made to last. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Google, or other device our cases will protect them.

Battery Protection

Your phone won't get zapped by the sun or drained in the cold.


Waterproof and Submersible to 7 feet for 30 minutes. Plus it floats!

Physical Protection

Our thermal phone cases are padded to provide incredible impact and crush protection.