• introducing the west slope case. the world's most indestructible phone case. this is some seriously cold gear. get unrivaled thermal protection for your phone with our indestructible phone case.

Complete Smartphone Protection. The Ultimate Phone Protector.

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Cold Case Gear Vs The Competition

Premium Materials. Ultrasonic Craftsmanship. Lifetime Warranty.

What happens you choose to make the best product with the best possible materials? The cost goes up. What happens when you then decide to make it right here at home? If you guessed "it goes up further?", you'd be right. We know that you have a choice when it comes to buying the products you want. We chose to make the absolute best, most indestructible phone case, and think about cost after that. Rest assured, our products are backed with a lifetime warranty, so we'll stick with you through this whole thing.

introducing our indestructible phone cased dubbed the west slope case. cold case gear makes the most indestructible phone case on the market and named it after our corner of Southwest Colorado. Have a great winter with our indestructible phone case.

An Indestructible Phone Case That Does What!?

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