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Meet Our Line Of Rugged Phone Cases compatible with Android phones or iPhones.

Cold Case Gear makes the most rugged phone cases around and are the gold standard for protective iPhone and Android cases.

It's no secret that our smartphones have become a necessary part of our outdoor life. We rely on it for navigation, communication, capturing memories, and so much more. We built our line of rugged phone cases to outperform everything else that's available and to add extra waterproof protection for your iPhone or Android. Our waterproof iPhone case and Samsung/Google phone case can get dunked in several feet of water and float back to the surface.

Cold Case Gear is on a mission to build the best thermal phone case and other electronics insulation equipment. Every smartphone today uses a lithium ion battery and these batteries have a hard time in extreme heat or cold. Wondering how you can keep your phone alive in cold weather? Our aerogel insulated phone cases are the answer.

Ridiculously Protective For The Outrageously Adventurous. Shop our line of rugged phone cases, built for android devices and iPhones.