American Made Phone Cases

Our indestructible phone case makes a terrific phone sleeve  or thermal phone case for skiing and hiking

We made a choice to build our products in America because we believe that business should be about more than profit. Our premium phone cases are USA Built, carry a lifetime warranty, and help to support causes we believe in.

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Our American Made Phone Cases are as tough as nails.

What makes our USA Made Phone Cases So Special?

When Cold Case Gear first started out we had a decision to make. We could be a Made In The USA brand, or, we could outsource things to China or whoever the lowest bidder was. For us, it was a question of making the best product AND choosing to be in business for more than just making money.

The West Slope Case offers thermal protection, physical protection, and weather protection. It's the ultimate Four Season Smartphone Protection.

Whether you use a Samsung phone, an iPhone, or a Google Pixel, the West Slope Case is up to the task. Our universal fit means that just about any phone will work inside of our West Slope Case.

Photos show an iPhone 12 Pro With Case. The West Slope Case will fit all non "PLUS" sized phones with a case, and "PLUS" size phones without a case. For a list of compatible phones please see our FAQ

Our American Made Phone Cases ship from our HQ in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

  • Aerogel Insulation - Aeroshield Thermal Phone Protection
  • Airtight Magnetic Closure
  • Waterproof/Submersible
  • Rugged Waterproof TPU Construction
  • Thermal protection. Physical Protection. Weatherprotection.
  • 90g
  • Fits Most Cellphones (may not fit PLUS size phones. Inner dimensions are 6.5"x4.25"
  • Webbing Loops For Easy Attachment To Backpacks, Harnesses, Boats, Etc...
American Made Phone Cases

We had a choice. We chose to manufacture right here in America.

Space Age Materials

We stand by our products and offer a life time warranty on manufacturing defects.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our state of the art manufacturing facility produces our products with astounding quality.

Rural Living

We were born in the mountains and we work in the mountains.

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We combined aerogel insulation, burly TPU, a magnetic airtight closure, and advanced Radio Frequency welding to create the best phone case for people who recreate outdoors. It's everything proof, it floats, and it protects that all important piece of equipment, your smartphone. Plus, you get a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

our American made iPhone cases are the king of smartphone cases.


Reduced Footprint

By choosing American Made phone cases we are able to greatly reduce the emissions produced from factory to your door. This is vitally important to us as a company. While creating practices that leave a small footprint on our environment we are also committed to giving 1% of our profits to Protect Our Winters.

Quality Assurance

We wanted to build a product that would not just perform well, and it certainly does, but the quality of our product and the durability are major concerns of ours. These are concerns that are much easier to deal with when we have partners in our same time zone. For us, the choice to build our heavy duty phone cases in America was clear because we knew we could employ people, who have mortgages and families right here. We recognize that this ultimately brings the cost of the end product up, which is why it's even more important that our products are such high quality. We back them with a full lifetime warranty as well.

Quick Innovation

Life moves at warp speed and new technologies and products come and go. The only way we can hope to keep pace with the rapid rate of innovation is to have a fast product cycle. By having all our design, prototyping, and manufacturing done right here it allows us to innovate, iterate, and turn around new products quickly.


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