Up a creek...

You know the old saying, something about being up some type of creek without a paddle? Our phone cases protect your phone while you're out on the water so if you do find yourself up the proverbial creek without a paddle, you can call for help.

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We Stop Your Phone From Overheating.

This floating phone case changes the game for paddleboarding.

If you've ever been on a paddle board you know how hard it is to keep your phone safe. Likewise for rafts, kayaks, and other watercraft. Our line of phone cases provide incredible protection and a great way to store your phone safely on your boat.

Row Row Row Your Boat (and not think about your phone).


Our Cold Case offers incredible flotation that ensures your phone will pop back up to the surface should you take a swim.


Both the Cold Case Floating Phone Case and Clearwater Case are submersible with depths of 10ft to 100ft respectively.

Temperature Protection.

Keep your phone from overheating by storing it in our Cold Case.

Secure Attachment Points.

Use our QuickClip Security System to tether our Cold Case onto your boat. Clip it to a D-ring, webbing, or anything else.