Cold Case Gear is on the cutting edge of materials science and advanced manufacturing. Not what you'd expect from a Rural Colorado gear company. Our first product, the West Slope Case, is the first mass market aerogel phone case. We took aerospace materials from NASA, airtight hermetically sealing closures, and radio frequency welding technology to make a truly state of the art product.

Advanced Manufacturing

We love technology. We're in the business of protecting your smartphone so we better. To build our products we looked at an advanced manufacturing method known as RF, or Radio Frequency, welding. Despite the name there are no welding torches involved. RF welding is a process by which high frequency radio waves are directed onto a material to join a seam. These radio waves create loads of friction and effectively join materials together with a completely waterproof and airtight joint. No seams!

Space Age Materials

We chose NASA grade aerogel insulation to build our aerogel phone case. Aerogel has the highest insulating value for its size and bulk and stops both convection and conduction transfer, meaning that the cold or heat can't penetrate the insulating layers. Aerogel has so many amazing properties that it just made sense to use this wonder material. Our aerogel comes with an OEKO-TEX certification that certifies there are no harmful chemicals in the product and its chemical composition is similar to sand and glass.

Radio Frequency Welding

We built our cooling phone case with rf welding technology.  We designed our phone case to keep a phone warm in the dead of winter

We wanted a phone case to keep our phone warm in the winter, so we just had to made it. With so much tech, it's practically a heated phone case.

Magnetic Closure Systems

We utilize an extremely strong hermetically sealed magnetic closure system on our West Slope Case. This closure system ensures that nothing can penetrate to the interior of the phone case. Not water. Not sand. Nothing. This closure is RF welded into the construction to provide the best seal to the elements. It also allows for simple one handed operation.

Aerogel Inside. Weatherproof Outside.

Radio Frequency welding, commonly just called RF welding, is a manufacturing process where materials are joined together seamlessly using high frequency radio waves. Essentially these radio waves cause tremendous friction and heat within certain materials and this is what causes two pieces of material to become joined, or, welded. This extreme precision manufacturing technology results in an extremely strong seam that is completely waterproof and airtight. The seams do not need any type of seam sealer or tape. They are inherently waterproof and quite strong. By using an RF welding process we are able to produce extremely consistent and reliable products.

our hermetically sealed magnetic closure makes our cellphone case the best magnetic phone case around