About Us

Cold Case Gear is a team of adventurers, innovators, and dreamers. We are based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, at the foot of the incomprehensibly rugged San Juan Mountains. The vast wilderness that surrounds us is both our source of inspiration and a brutal testing ground that quickly weeds out bad ideas.

the toughest phone case can handle the elements

The idea for Cold Case Gear was developed after years of spending frigid winters in Northern Minnesota and the scorching summer heat of the Badlands of South Dakota. These extreme environments are hard on our most important backcountry accessory. Our smartphones. We knew we would need the toughest phone cases out there to solve for the big three needs: thermal protection, physical protection, and protection from the elements.

It was only after a winter camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, during which all of our electronics rebelled and died on the first of a four-day trip, that the solution became crystal clear. We’d take the world’s best insulator, aerogel, and pair it with advanced manufacturing techniques in order to build the best cell phone case possible.

We built our West Slope Case to outshine the rest of the so-called "Toughest Phone Cases" and take home the number one title. Our rugged cases come with a lifetime warranty, insane drop protection (you can drop it from way over just 6.6 feet), and have the best-in-class waterproof protection. This tough case is meant to protect your phone in truly the worst conditions — not just a simple drop of your phone.

the toughest phone case is up for any adventure

Why make it so tough? Call us paranoid, but the current "Toughest Phone Cases" on the market just weren't cutting it for us. Sure, they can withstand drops and have multiple layers of protection and maybe a built-in screen protector, but we wanted more, so much more. Why do we want so much more? We overbuilt this product because we wanted to make sure it would handle any sort of recreational situation with aplomb. We overbuilt it so we can offer you a lifetime warranty knowing full well that you shouldn't need to take advantage of it. We overbuilt it because we're making it in the USA and we want to give you the best value for your hard-earned money.

The overbuilt West Slope Case will likely never get tested to its true potential. If you've got a good story for us about how your West Slope Case helped you out of a jam, we want to hear about it! Please head on over to our Contact page and get in touch with us!