Our Story

Protect your phone. Protect yourself.

we're creating the toughest phone protection

Cold Case Gear was originally created for the Founders' wife Deirdre. The two met while living n Minnesota and loved to go winter camping. As a photographer Deirdre would always bring her camera equipment but the batteries kept dying. This sparked an A-HA moment for our Founder, and he got to work creating their first products. That was in the winter of 2017. Fast forwared to today and Cold Case Gear is in dozens of retailers across the country and has dealers as far as the UK and France.

Wait a sec....this works great in the heat too!


People tend to underestimate heat as compared to cold. Did you know that heat is actually responsible for the most amount of fatalities in the US? Many don't percieve the dangers appropriately and thus underprepare. Well, your phone can be a lifeline and your only means to call for help. So we want to protect it no matter what gets you outdoors.


Our phones have become more and more important in our lives. They're not just what we use to communicate with anymore. They literally connect us to our entire universe. We think that needs protecting.

Cold Case Gear is a husband and wife team based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. They're adventures take them into the mountains, rivers, and deserts of the Four Corners region. From 14,000ft peaks to the Sonoran Desert and beyond they know just how bad mother nature wants to destroy your phone. That's why they continue to develop the most rugged phone protection around.

Husband and wife team behind Cold Case Gear. We make the toughest phone cases and for the super adventurous you'll find we also have the best waterproof phone case
the founders sitting under a tarp waiting out the rain,. our toughest phone cases helped out on this trip.

Founder Jon Rosenberg and wife Deirdre relaxing under a tarp while waiting for the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Train to pick them up after a week of backcountry camping in Colorado.

Battery Protection

Your phone won't get zapped by the sun or drained in the cold.


Waterproof and Submersible to 7 feet for 30 minutes. Plus it floats!

Physical Protection

Our thermal phone cases are padded to provide incredible impact and crush protection.