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Stop worrying about your cellphone. Let Cold Case Gear worry about your phone. We set out to create the toughest phone cases to protect your smartphone.

On A Mission To Create The Toughest Phone Cases

The idea for Cold Case Gear was developed after years of spending frigid winters in Northern Minnesota and the scorching summer heat of the Badlands of South Dakota. These extreme environments are hard on our most important backcountry accessory. Our smartphones. We knew we would need the toughest phone cases out there to solve for the big three needs. Thermal protection, physical protection, and protection from the elements.

It was only after a winter camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, in which all of our electronics rebelled and died on the first day of a four day trip, that the solution became crystal clear. We’d take the world’s best insulator, aerogel, and pair it with advanced manufacturing techniques in order to build the best cell phone case possible.

We built our West Slope Case to outshine the rest of the so called "Toughest Phone Cases" and take home the number one title. Our rugged cases come with a lifetime warranty, insane drop protection (you can drop it from way over just 6.6 feet), and have the best in class waterproof protection. This tough case is meant to protect your phone in truly the worst conditions not just a simple drop of your phone.

Cold Case Gear is a husband and wife team whose adventures see snow, rock, water, sand, and everything in between. Our adventures inspire our innovation. The West Slope Case is the best four season cellphone protection available. It’s a lot of things in one. It’s a waterproof phone case that can be submerged in several feet of water, it’s one of the toughest phone cases offering insane shock absorbency and massive drop protection, and it protects from heat and cold, extending your battery life by hours and hours. It’s also universal, so whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, our universal fit will work with it.


Husband and wife team behind Cold Case Gear. We make the toughest phone cases and for the super adventurous you'll find we also have the best waterproof phone case



this is one of the toughest phone cases you'll ever meet


this tough phone case is ipx8 rated to be dust proof