We're A Proud Colorado Company

Founded on Core Values


Innovate. As a Colorado Company, we are inspired to innovate and bring new ideas to life. Not just on the product side of things but in the way we market our products, how we package and ship them, and all aspects of our business. At Cold Case Gear we aren't just looking for a "piece of the pie" by introducing similar products to our competitors. No. We want to create thoughtful solutions to solve real problems faced by real people. We aren't interested in manufacturing problems with clever marketing and then selling you the solution.


We are authentic. We sit out in the cold for hours on end. We are a true grit colorado company


We believe in being an authentic and honest brand. You won't see fake or paid reviews on our website. We will let our products and practices speak for themselves so that you can trust us, and what we do, and what we promise. Are you tired of scrolling through Instagram and seeing that basically everything out there is an ad? Even if it doesn't say #Ad or #Sponsored, it's pretty hard these days to differentiate the real from the fake. Part and parcel with authenticity are a couple more principles. Do Good. How often have you heard "be the change you wish to see in the world". Well, that's what we're trying to do here. Trust. It's important to us that we have your trust. We aren't looking to do anything but get you a product that can improve the time you spend outdoors.

Add Value

Add Value. Cold Case Gear believes in adding value to your life. Whether through our products, our blogs, or other information that we provide to you, we want to give you a reason to keep coming back. We can say that our products have changed how we are able to interact with our environment, especially in the colder months. It's been a treat to run for hours down forest service roads while listening to our favorite music. Perhaps you're only interested in our best in class thermal phone case and that's ok too!

Give Back

Cold Case Gear donates 1% of our profits to Protect Our Winters . We're a proud Colorado Company

Give Back. Though Cold Case Gear is a small company, we believe that giving back is extremely important. We are dedicated to committing 1% of our profits to organizations that do some real good in this world. Our chosen partner is Protect Our Winters. They are leading the fight against climate change and they are a powerful voice for good within the outdoor industry.


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