aerogel insulation comes in many forms. From blocks to blankets and even in pellet form. We chose aerogel insulation because it provides the heat and cold protection for our phones.

What is Aerogel?

Aerogel insulation is slowly starting to be used more and more within the outdoor industry. You can find aerogel gloves, boot liners, and even aerogel hiking gaiters. Aerogel is an insulation originally developed by NASA and is gram for gram the best insulation currently available. It really shines in scenarios where you need loads of insulating power, for things like keeping your phone warm in the cold, but don't want the bulk. Cold Case Gear uses a lot of advanced technologies to bring you the best phone accessories we can.

While traditional insulations, such as closed cell foam, down, and synthetic insulations are great and have their place, they can be extremely bulky. When looking at the R value of the iconic Thermarest Z-Lite Sleeping Pad, it boasts an insulating value of 2.2, which will keep the cold away from your bones down to around 35 degrees. This pad clocks in at a thickness of around 20mm. The aerogel insulation that we use is just a quarter of that thickness and has an R value of 2.4, and we use two of them. Nobody wants a phone case that is inches thick.

Aerogel insulation is an incredible space age material. Aerogel insulation provides the foundation for our iPhone cases.

Hello, Climate Control

Aerogel insulation is so powerful in part because it is able to completely stops two out of three forms of heat transfer, both Convection and Conduction. The non air components within our aerogel insulation consist of microscopic, multi dimensional, interconnected bundles. These tiny particles comprise a marginal percentage, under 5%, of the total volume of the aerogel insulation, and they are terrible conductors because of how much surface area they have. Within the insulation, there is hardly any room for air to move around in, which stops conduction and convection. Make sense? Maybe not, but one season with our West Slope Case and you’ll be a believer. 


Aerogel Blankets

To achieve the perfect fit and form , our West Slope Case gets our aerogel insulation in the form of aerogel blankets. These easy to use blankets work perfectly with our advanced manufacturing technique and make it possible to mold and shape our product to be exactly how we want it. The material properties as well as aerogel's unique thermal conductivity truly make this insulation a no brainer for us.

Our special aerogel insulation comes in blankets and is easily shaped. How cold can a phone get? Don't find out.

We use aerogel insulation to protect your phone from dying in the cold or from overheating in the sun. With all the ways we rely on our smartphones today it's critical to keep it functioning in all weather conditions. We had a choice in insulating materials but when it comes to protecting our thousand dollar smartphones, we reached for the best technology we could.

We set our aerogel on fire.

What is aerogel? Should you buy an aerogel phone case?

There are so many different phone cases out there that it's hard to know what type of phone case is right for you. We built our aerogel phone case to handle any scenario. It's pretty cool to have some NASA technology in the palm of your hand too, we have to admit. The benefits of an aerogel phone case are extreme adaptability and versatility. Whether you need to keep your phone cool in hot climates or you need to keep your phone warm in cold climates, aerogel insulation is up to the task. Maybe you need a phone case that floats right next to you. Aerogel is up to the task. If we could pick one material to make phone cases with forever, it would have to be aerogel insulation.


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