This floating phone case belongs on your river adventures. The west slope case is an indestructible phone case for every day use.

Our cases are made for the rigors your Hook and Bullet adventures will face.

Whether you're backcountry hunting or double hauling a fly line our line of phone protection was built for tough days and hard to access locations. When you need to rely on your apps it's time to rely on Cold Case.

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Durable enough for what's in between those contour lines.

When the going gets tough is when Cold Case Shines.

Don't let a frozen or overheated phone ruin your day out. When you're headed to that incredible trout spot your buddy so graciously told you about and even dropped a pin for you, you don't want anything getting in the way. If you're out scouting for deer or elk season and you want to drop waypoints and info for your hunt, nothing is better than your phone and whichever apps you love to use. We make sure you can use those apps.

Power Through

Thermal Protection

Protect against hot and cold temperatures. Our NASA insulation keeps your phone within your manufacturers specified guidelines so you can get up to 400% more battery life.

Physical Protection

Get extreme drop, crush, and impact protection thanks to our extremely dense aerogel insulation.

IPX8 Elemental Protection

Once our magnetic closures snap shut nothing is getting into our cases. Case closed.

Attachment Points

Attach to any MOLLE grid, D-rings, backpack straps, or anything else. Combined with our QuickClip Security System you can retain easy access to your phone.