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Cold Case is designed to extend the life of your phone battery so you can rely on the apps you need to get there and back safely. Now when you're adventure partner won't stop asking how much further you can check your maps without worrying about battery life.

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Bikepacking and Backpacking

It's worth the weight.

The Cold Case gets you up to 400% more battery life so you can carry less and enjoy more. At just over 3oz the peace of mind you'll get knowing your phone will work when you need it to is worth every ounce, and then some.

Human Powered Adventure Is The Best Type Of Adventure

Extends Battery Life.

Using our Thermal Phone Case can extend your battery by up to 400% so you can use your apps, your maps, and make important phone calls.

A Tethered Connection.

Use our QuickClip Security System to securely attach our Cold Case to your bike or your bag.

Physical Protection.

Wrap your phone in dense aerogel insulation and you get extreme impact and crush protection. When your phone is in our case you've got wilderness armor.

Protect Your Tech For The Trek.

You use your phone for everything and that doesn't change when you head into the outdoors. Protect your phone and you protect your adventure.