Your phone wasn't built for this.
Good thing our West Slope Case is.


A tan might look good on you but direct sun exposure can do permanent damage to your phone. Ever notice how your phone either slows to a crawl or shuts off entirely while laying out in the sun? That's a thing of the past in our West Slope Case.


With an IPX8 rating, getting your phone damaged due to water is the last of your concerns. The West Slope Case can be submerged down to 10 feet and withstands high pressure sprays. Tackle rough water, flat water, and salt water.


Thanks to our aerogel insulation this phone case floats! Even after it has been submerged in deep water the West Slope Case was made to float right back to the surface. We've got you covered while you're on the water.

the clearwater case dunked underwater

Whether you're Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys, fly fishing the Salmon River, or you're piloting a standup paddle board through a chain of lakes, you want a phone case that can protect from the sun, the spray, submersion, and the occasional stepping on.

the cold case attached to a standup paddleboarding

Our West Slope Case can handle flat water, salt water, and class five rapids without breaking a sweat.

We know how hard it can be to keep your phone safe on the river or the lake. We provide an easy solution to keep your phone safe and secure. Thanks to an airtight magnetic closure which boasts an IPX8 rating you get super simple and easy access to your phone. A robust webbing loop on the rear can handle more force than you can throw at it. To top it all off, with incredible impact and crush protection even if you step on your phone or smash it into a submerged boulder your phone will stay protected.