Thanks NASA for letting us use aerogel insulation in our thermal phone case.

Aerogel Phone Case Inspired By NASA Tech

Our Aerogel Phone Case was inspired by astronauts 

A few months ago we had the privilege of speaking with someone from NASA Spinoff about Cold Case Gear. Spinoff is a publication from NASA that focuses on private companies who utilize different forms of NASA technology. We use aerogel in our phone cases which is a material pioneered and perfected by NASA.

"Not everyone would celebrate the new year camping out in the Rocky Mountains during some of the longest, coldest nights of the winter. But that’s how Jon Rosenberg and his wife rang in 2018, and they learned the hard way that the outdoor gear market still didn’t entirely take such extreme conditions into account. In just one day, the cold killed the batteries in the camera his wife, a professional photographer, brought with them."

It's our mission to protect sensitive electronics, including your smartphone, so that you can stay safer in extreme conditions. 

You can read the whole article right here.

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