Space age materials like aerogel insulation help us create the most unique and lightest soft coolers around. Trust us to protect your outdoor essentials and so much more.

Welcome To The Space Age | Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel - The perfect material for our thermal phone cases.

So, why Aerogel insulation, and just what the heck is aerogel insulation anyway?Firstly, where did this magical insulation come from? It was actually first developed of NASA for a myriad of uses within their space program. Due to the extreme heat and cold that space travel inherently presents NASA needed to create a solution, as nothing on the market was as efficient, and space is at a premium in both space suits and a space craft. Thus, NASA developed Aerogel insulation. It is the lightest insulator on the planet and is 99% air! Hard to believe. The greatest thing about aerogel insulation is that it has an extremely high R value (insulating value) compared to its size and bulk. If you take a look at a closed cell foam sleeping pad, something like the Thermarest Z-Lite, it has an R value of 2.0. This is about 20mm thick. 

The Thermarest Z Lite Sol has an R value of 2.0 at 20mm thick. Our space age aerogel insulation has an R value of 2.4 at just 5mm thick. It makes a great aerogel phone case

Let's go ahead and compare this to our aerogel insulation and I think you'll see why we chose this as the main ingredient to protect all your outdoor essentials. We utilize a special type of NASA Grade aerogel insulation that packs a massive R value of 2.4 at only 5mm thick! This allows us to create ultralight and ultra insulating outdoor accessories like our West Slope Case,which is so light and packs so much insulation that it actually is a floating phone case.

aerogel insulation for homes is an interesting concept
At Cold Case Gear, we can't get enough of this stuff. By utilizing this specific space age insulation we are able to create gear that until now, has never existed. It truly is the backbone of our product development. By using aerogel insulation instead of other types of insulators we can create soft cooler like products that have such a small form factor you can easily bring them inside your backpack for any trip. Our goal is to provide you, our customer, the ability to insulate your every day essentials, like a cellphone, snacks, and more, each and everyday. Our favorite use for our products is definitely the food and cellphone protection. When you're out on a cold winter day it is a nice change to be able to take a bite of your energy bar without it being frozen solid. Likewise, our accessories will extend the life of your cellphone in extreme cold and heat and that comes in handy when you want to take some photos, listen to music, or potentially call for help. 
aerogel particles form an incredible bond
Our silica aerogel provides the best thermal insulation. This insulating material is truly a wonder. An interesting fact is that you can use aerogel home insulation to improve your energy efficiency in areas that are typically hard to reach. It gives you thin insulation and high R value. It's truly a space saving insulation. That's why we can use so little of it in our products. The amorphous silica easily bends to whatever shape you need compared to traditional rigid insulations. 
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