The first version of our West Slope Case, the best cold weather protection for your smartphone. Made In America thermal phone cases.

Why It Matters. Building Trust.

Cold Case Gear values Trust. It's one of our core values.

Staying connected to loved ones and being safe in the backcountry is something that we take very seriously. Our products aren't just insulated snack bags and aerogel cellphone cases, they're so much more. When your cellphone dies out in the backcountry that can mean a lot of things. You can't take pictures to share your adventures with your friends and family. That's a bummer. Sure, it could just be another ordinary day out OR you could have been on the vacation of a lifetime and now your only means of capturing those memories is gone. A dead cellphone in the backcountry could also mean that you no longer have a line of communication to the outside world. Meaning, if you need help, you're out of luck. Cold Case Gear had these scenarios in mind when we created our West Slope Case. 

We also realize that something as mundane seeming as your food freezing can be rather serious. I remember years ago while living in Minneapolis, I was out on a fat bike ride in the middle of December. I was about twenty miles from home and starting to bonk, feeling faint and weak and like I couldn't peddle another ten feet. I had packed a couple of protein bars with me for just this scenario. Unfortunately, I literally could not eat them! The bars were frozen so solid that I couldn't even break off a small portion. I wound up getting them inside my jacket to warm up over the course of thirty or so minutes before I could eat them. This situation I'm sure is all too familiar with many of you out there. When we are out playing in the backcountry our food freezing is a real danger. You need to fuel properly to sustain your energy and if you can't do that you can run into some real risks. Cold Case Gear wants to change that. 

For us, we do more than just make products. We help you to capture memories to share and to maximize your adventure. We also make sure that you can make the most out of your adventures by providing thoughtful solutions to common problems. The next time you're out on a ski tour make sure you bring your Cold Case Gear along and chomp on your snacks without breaking your teeth. 

We want our business to be a force for good. This shapes not just our actions but the very foundation on which we built our company. We create our products locally in Colorado and support local jobs and local economies. We donate 1% of our profits to Protect Our Winters so we can help fund the fight against climate change, and we also have an incredible scholarship program which we will unveil in 2021. 

Your support means the world to us and we are excited to be a part of your adventures and your family. 

 Cold Case Gear preorders are live now!

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