Cold Case Gear is changing the world one case and pouch at a time. Our made in the USA cold gear and heat gear changes the way you play outside.

Cold Case Gear - Our Core Values.

Core Values - Changing The World One Case At A Time

When I started Cold Case Gear out of my home in Colorado, I certainly received my fair share of feedback, advice, and input, even though I didn't always ask for it. Well, there was a common theme with a lot of this sentiment, "you're in business to make money, that's why you start a business". What I didn't hear a lot about was Core Values. Not one person wanted to know about my companies Core Values. I'd like to take this opportunity to share our core values with you. Cold Case Gear is about much more than making money. We want to be a force for good in this world. 


At Cold Case Gear we aren't just looking for a "piece of the pie" by introducing similar products to our competitors. No. We want to create thoughtful solutions to solve real problems faced by real people. We aren't interested in manufacturing problems with clever marketing and then selling you the solution. Cold Case Gear looks to innovate not just in the physical product realm but in how we approach marketing and business in general. We have some very cool initiatives in the works to show you just how we plan to do that. 


We believe in being an authentic and honest brand. You won't see paid reviews on our website. We will let our products and practices speak for themselves so that you can trust us, and what we do, and what we promise. Are you tired of scrolling through Instagram and seeing that basically everything out there is an ad? Even if it doesn't say #Ad or #Sponsored, it's pretty hard these days to differentiate the real from the BS.

Lead By Example

When I first started Cold Case Gear it was the end result of nearly a decade of having my ideas shot down. I decided that if I wanted to do things my way I was going to have to strike out and do them on my own. I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Well, Cold Case Gear believes strongly in that. If we want good from this world you can't expect to see any if you don't put good out into the world. Cold Case Gear vows to be a force for good, one case and one pouch at a time. We want good, so we'll do good. 

Do Good

Simple, right? But what does "Do Good" even mean? How about giving 1% of our profits to help fight climate change? We understand that the mere act of doing business is not great for the planet. We are shipping product all around the country and sometimes shipping things back and forth to suppliers and factories on airplanes. So we will gladly donate at least 1% of our profits to help offset these costs. Here's another example. Let's say your a few days outside of our warranty policy. We'll gladly take your product back and make things right for you. If we miss a promised shipping window we will not only refund your shipping, but we'll actually apologize to you. How many times have you called a company to get a resolution and they either, make the problem your fault? Or, they just actually refuse to make things right. 🙈. Cold Case Gear won't do that. 


Trust, this perhaps is the most important of our Core Values. We promise to build trust with you, our customers, organically. We'll build trust through our actions, our products, our marketing, and everything that we do. We built our products, our cases and pouches, and everything else, with you in mind. We want to see you go out on epic adventures and use our gear to increase your quality of life while on the trail and make sure you've got enough juice left in your cellphone to take that epic summit selfie to share with your loved ones cheering from home.


That's that. To recap, Cold Case Gear is built on the following Core Values. 

  1. Innovate
  2. Authenticity
  3. Lead By Example
  4. Do Good
  5. Trust

We hope that we can set a precedent for more companies to follow and we look forward to bringing you along for the ride. 


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Thanks for sharing your core values
Such a pleasure to read that your company has ethics that I can support
Purchasing today
Keep up the good work

Tom Haran

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