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Our Waterproof Floating Phone Case

What makes our waterproof floating phone case work

Alright, last week we touched on just what a thermal phone case is, and why you might need one. Today, we’re going to jump into our West Slope Case and talk about what makes this waterproof floating phone case work. First, here’s a demonstration for you. Our Founder braved the cold of an alpine lake to show you just how well this works. Check out the video below to see. We like to do all of our testing with our personal phones. For context, this video was shot deep in the backcountry of Colorado. Had our product failed, and he actually lost or damaged his phone, it would have been a dangerous situation. We have THAT much confidence in our products. Take a look!

When we were initial designing our West Slope Casewe really wanted an accessory that would prove useful in all four seasons and have broad appeal over a ton of different sports. We always thought that Cold Case Gear was strictly a winter and snow sports type of brand but more and more people are looking for some type of waterproof phone case to use on their stand up paddle boards, packrafts, and kayaks.

What should you look for in a waterproof phone case?

  • No seams. Seams can let in water if not properly sealed or taped. This is why we use Radio Frequency welding. RF welding makes our products completely seamless.
  • Waterproof closure. This one may seam obvious, but you need to have a totally waterproof closing mechanism. Whether that is a roll top, zipper, or something else. We use extremely strong, airtight and waterproof, rare earth magnets.
  • Floatation! While waterproof is a great start, if you wind up dropping your smartphone overboard you’re going to have a bad time. Our West Slope Case has an extremely high amount of buoyancy and will keep your iPhone or Android device well above water. In fact, there is so much buoyancy that you could drop your phone from fifty feet in the air and it will still float.
  • Attachment points. It can be difficult to find a place to stash your phone while out on the water. The combination of a lifejacket and bathing suit isn’t exactly conducive to storage. We added a webbing loop on the rear of our West Slope Case so you can lash it onto your boats D-Ring, or something similar.
  • Materials. Beware of products that use a simple ripstop nylon and call themselves waterproof. While in theory these materials can be waterproofed but they typically need to have a DWR coating or a waterproof membrane to be actually waterproof. We use a Thermoplastic Urethane material that is completely impermeable to water, with no coatings needed.

Those are all important qualities to look for if you’re on the hunt for a good waterproof phone case. Many of our smartphones these days already have a good amount of waterproofing and that makes the other qualities of our West Slope Case much more appealing. We’d love to see how you make use of our floating phone case so feel free to drop us a line or tag your adventures

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