Our thermal phone case protects from extreme cold and snow

Thermal Phone Case, What Is It And Why?

What Can A Thermal Phone Case Do For You?

Hi, I’m Jon Rosenberg, Founder of Cold Case Gear. I wanted to talk about what a thermal phone case is and what, if anything, a thermal phone case can do for you! In the heat of summer the last thing you may be thinking about is how your smartphones battery life is effected. You may be thinking that this is just an issue in winter, when extreme cold saps your battery life almost instantly. Well, that is an incorrect assumption. The sun can do a heck of a lot of damage to your phone. Have you ever left it either sitting in the car or just outside on a patio table? The sun bakes your phone can makes the temperature rise to dangerous levels, forcing your phone to shut down. Repeated exposure to extreme heat or direct sun can actually cause permanent damage to your phones internals. We don’t want that. We designed our West Slope Case, a made in America thermal phone case, to handle just these situations. We imagined a scenario where perhaps you were out on your stand up paddle board mid summer, wanting to get some photos, but the direct sun made your phone break. So sad. With our West Slope Case not only can you get full protection from the sun, but you can lash it right to the deck of your SUP. Because it is completely waterproof and shields from the heat you’ve got all the protection you need.

Our indestructible phone case offers four season weather protection

Ok, now let’s talk about winter, that freezing cold beast of a season. When the mercury plummets your smart phone suffers. This is because the chemicals and liquids inside of your phone move slower, as their physical properties start to change, and it required far more energy to get them to work as intended. This is why most smartphones work best within an operating range of around 32 degrees up to 90 degrees. The challenge in winter is keeping it within that range. We really designed our thermal phone case (dubbed the West Slope Case) for use in extreme cold. With ample aerogel insulation we are able to keep your phone well within the proper operating range for over eight hours. It was also designed to be used externally so you don’t need to fuss with pulling it out of some hidden inner pocket buried deep within your layering system. We tossed a webbing loop on the rear so that you can clip it onto your backpack and have easy access to it, whether while on the chairlift, or while taking turns down the mountain.The West Slope Case insulating a battery bank so it can charge up a GPS device

We really wanted something that not just protected from hot and cold but also protects from dirt, mud, water, drops, any anything else. Our number one priority was to provide an accessory that would help to keep you safer. As technology improves and more innovative apps are introduced, like our favorite, GAIAGPS, more and more people are relying solely on their phone as their most important and trusted asset. It’s your actual phone to reach people in case of an emergency, a camera, a gps unit, and so much more. It’s safe to say that the smartphone has become the number one outdoor accessory. As such, we wanted to make sure that it would always be protected.


That’s the story. If you’ve got a story to share about a time when a thermal phone case either saved your bacon or you really could have used one, go ahead and send it to us at hello@coldcasegear.com because we’d love to share it!

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