Paddling Through The Emerald Cut

Paddling Through The Emerald Cut

Paddling King's Landing and The Emerald Cut

We recently found ourselves in Orlando for Surf Expo and we figured we should go out of our way to have some one-of-a-kind Florida Experiences. The great folks at Epic Board Sports in Cocoa Beach got us connected with a local and she showed us a great time. Here is that story.

paddling kings landing on a paddle board

Early morning wake-up call for a spectacular adventure.

After three days of hard work at Surf Expo, we got up nice and early to drive out to a famous local spot known for its incredible turquoise waters. An awesome local named Trisha agreed to be our model slash tour guide for the day. Side note, she will be doing an incredible feat of paddling with her SUP from Bimini in the Bahamas to Lake Worth in Florida next year in June to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. We will be giving this event a shout-out when it comes time. 

We stayed an extra two days in Florida because we really needed to generate some content for our hotter-climate audiences. We received some great feedback during the show that all of our images just looked cold, even if it was 90 degrees when we were capturing the images! So, that was great to know. Our goal for King’s Landing was to get some really awesome images that show just how awesome our Cold Case or Clearwater Cases are for Florida and any warmer climate. 

crystal clear waters of emerald cut in apoka Florida

Paddling a tandem kayak alone and with multiple cameras

Ah, the hardships of being a solo creator on the road mean you need to put yourself and your equipment in some precarious positions. The only boat available for us was a tandem kayak with JUST enough room for all of our camera equipment. So, in we went, with all our gear just mere inches above the beautiful crystalline waters. It felt like an insurance claim waiting to happen. I digress…

King’s Landing and the Emerald Cut were honestly beyond anything I could have pictured. Being based in Colorado we have lots of rivers and streams and they are generally fed by snowmelt in the mountains. They can run clear but they certainly are not warm. I loved being able to hop out of the boat to grab photos when I needed to. 

Fed by the springs of the Wekiva river

Kings’s Landing is fed by Rock Spring off the Wekiva river. The result is calm, clear, and smooth water that goes for miles. During our trip the water was low and you could see all the ripples in the river bed. Walking through the river was a great experience for this Colorado guy as it was warm and the sand was soft. It was much nicer than the last time I found myself walking through a river.

taking photos with the clearwater case in the rock springs creek

A tropical feel for Cold Case Gear

We are so thrilled with the photos that we were able to capture from this trip. As you can see it is a much different look than our typical mountain and desert scenes. Now that we’ve accomplished this goal we’d love to hear from YOU! We think we captured the tropical feel of the area and have shown yet another great use case for our products.

Florida treated us well and we're excited to go back! 

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