How We Do, What We Do

How We Do, What We Do

Welcome to our second post in our “Getting to Know Cold Case Gear” series. Our last post, “What Do We Do?” outlined exactly what it is that we do. If you haven’t read that, you can find it HERE. In this post, we are going to talk a bit about how exactly we do what we do. So let’s jump right in.

First and foremost, when we started this business we had a choice to make. We could produce our goods here in America and churn out top quality products that help to provide jobs here in this country, or we could outsource our production to some giant facility somewhere thousands of miles away. We chose the former, although we wouldn’t have minded the occasional trip across the world. We believe in making premium products right here at home. We hope people are proud to build them, proud to buy them, and proud to use them.

Second, let’s talk about our powerhouse inulation. Aerogel. NASA developed this insulation to keep astronauts comfortable through the rigors of spacetravel. We think it works well enough to keep your trailmix from melting all over your backpack. Thus far, we have been extremely happy with how it works. Aerogel insulation is the only insulating material on the planet that could have worked for us. For its weight, it has the highest insulating value of any material on the planet, or off the planet. We needed this technology to make our products with such a small form factor. There is a reason that brands like YETI use sometimes upwards of three inches of foam insulation. We use a mere three and a half millimeters of aerogel to acheive our results. This allows us to make an incredibly light cooler that punches far above its weight class. You can depend on our products to insulate your essentials for eight to twelve hours at a time.

Third, our closure mechanisms. At Cold Case Gear HQ, we are working with some state of the art closure mechanisms, from zippers to magnets, and we are excited to implement them into future products. By adding these new closure mechanisms, we will be able to hermetically seal each product that we build. So, go ahead, drop it into the lake, bury it in the snow, your items will stay protected no matter what.

Last but not least…

We got our start in the outdoor industry because, we, much like you, love to get out there in extreme weather. Romping through the mountains of Colorado was our inspiration for this brand and it continues to be our biggest motivator and source of innovation. We deal with problems in the outdoors just like everyone else, however, our mission now is to help solve those problems for you.

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