Our indestructible phone case makes a terrific phone sleeve  or thermal phone case for skiing and hiking
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What makes ours the best thermal phone case? Read all about it. The West Slope Case is also a great clip on phone case.

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Save your phone from water and heat with our thermal phone case.

With our West Slope Case you can listen to more music, take more pictures and capture more memories.

Introducing the West Slope Case. Named after our home on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies, this case is designed to protect your phone in any environment. It floats, it's waterproof, it's smashproof, and it stops cold and heat from zapping your battery.

Plus, it's Made In The USA!


The West Slope Case offers thermal protection, physical protection, and weather protection. Whether you throw it off a mountain or drop it in a river, your phone stays protected. Our thermal phone case is up to any task - it even extends battery life in cold conditions by up to 400%. So whether you're hitting the slopes or just taking selfies in bad weather, don't worry about your battery ever again.

Capture your chairlift selfie no matter how many laps you do. Make sure your phone can take you all the way to apres.

When safety plays a factor in everything you do it's time to consider a thermal phone case. Protect your battery from dying so that you can always have access to your phone.

Don't lose the opportunity to call for help when you need it. Our West Slope Case ensures your safety in the frontcountry and the backcountry. We included a webbing loop on the rear so you can turn this into the ultimate clip on phone case too.

Photos show an iPhone 12 Pro With Case. The West Slope Case will fit all non "PLUS" sized phones with a case, and "PLUS" size phones without a case. For a list of compatible phones please see our FAQ

  • Aerogel Insulation - NASA Insulation keeps your phone warm to -40
  • Airtight Magnetic Closure - No cold air can sink in
  • Drop Protection - Protects from drops in excess of 20 feet.
  • Waterproof/Submersible - 100% waterproof and submersible to 6 feet.
  • 3.1oz : Light on weight. Big on protection
  • Webbing Loop For Easy Attachment : Get easy access to your phone.
  • Thermal Phone Case works down to -40 and up to 120 degrees (f)
  • Lifetime Warranty - No questions.
  • Fits Most Cellphones (may not fit PLUS size phones. Inner dimensions are 6.5"x4.25"
  • Extends battery life up to 4x compared to a non insulated case.

The maximum recommended phone size is 6.5" long by 4" wide and .75" thick.