North Ridge Pouch

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The North Ridge Pouch is the perfect complement to your outdoor gear. Photographers, Hunters, Skiers, Hikers, Backpackers, Anglers, and Rock Climbers all love to use the North Ridge Pouch to store the day's accessories. Trust us to protect your food and your electronics. Our waterproof and airtight construction will insulate your essentials all day long, so you can worry about the task at hand.

  • Rugged Waterproof TPU Construction
  • Aerogel Insulation
  • Airtight Closure
  • 100g +/-
  • Webbing Attachments
  • 1.5L Internal Capacity

Untether From Temperature With Cold Case Gear


Tips and tricks for optimal performance.

  • The North Ridge Pouch works best when full
  • Before closing the airtight zipper, expel the air out of the pouch by squeezing the pouch with the zipper mostly closed
  • Keep inside your backpack
  • Do not sit in direct sunlight 
  • If conditions are extremely cold, after several hours, you can open the North Ridge Pouch and blow in some warm air, then seal shut