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Inspired By You - A Podcast Series from Cold Case Gear.

Welcome to Inspired By You - a Podcast/YouTube series from Cold Case Gear. In this show we talk to our customers to learn about who they are, what they do, obstacles they've overcome, and what fuels their fire. The goal of this weekly series is twofold. First, we want to hear from our customers about their lives and experiences and how they have come to learn about us and use our products. The second is to find commonalities amongst all of us as a broader community. In a time when things are more divided than they have ever been we hope to bridge that gap and show people that we really aren't all that different at the end of the day.


Interested in being on our podcast? Go ahead and shoot a note to hello@coldcasegear.com 

Battery Protection

Your phone won't get zapped by the sun or drained in the cold.


Waterproof and Submersible to 7 feet for 30 minutes. Plus it floats!

Physical Protection

Our thermal phone cases are padded to provide incredible impact and crush protection.