• Space Age Is Now. NASE Grade Aerogel protection for your outdoor essentials. We use aerogel on the inside and airtight closures on the outside to make the best four season accessories to protect your outdoor essentials.



Outdoor Essentials Protection

Ultralight. Airtight.

We designed our rugged accessories to be the perfect four season companion to protect your outdoor essentials. Built with aerogel on the inside and waterproof/airtight construction on the outside, our ultralight "soft coolers" are built to be taken down class four rapids or through the heart of cold smoke country on a stormy December day. Cold Case Gear was founded after a New Years trip to Rocky Mountain National Park did not go as planned. During this trip, Founders' wife, Deirdre Denali, had all her camera batteries die during the first night of a four day trip. Upon getting back to their residence in Silver Plume, CO, the idea for Cold Case Gear was born. By combining aerogel insulation and airtight closure mechanisms Cold Case Gear is offering the first of its kind "soft cooler" that can continually have its insulating power re-optimized with the power of your own breath. When extreme conditions call for it you can open the airtight closure and blow some warm air into our soft coolers and then seal them shut.

Keeping your outdoor essentials safe is what we do best. 

Why Cold Case Gear?

Weather Be Damned. That's our philosophy. Cold Case Gear was born from this principle. You've no doubt heard the expression, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing". Well, that's kind of the inspiration behind this whole thing we're doing here. We believe that weather shouldn't dictate how your outdoor experience goes. That's why our brand is centered around the idea of solving pain points relating to temperature. If only it could be 65 degrees and partly cloudy on every adventure, right? I suppose we wouldn't have that many riveting adventure stories if that were the case. 

Cold Case Gear is a team of adventurers, innovators, and dreamers. We are based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, at the foot of the incomprehensibly rugged San Juan Mountains. The vast wilderness that surrounds us is our source of inspiration, and a brutal testing ground that quickly weeds out bad ideas. 

Our business is committed to being a force for good in the world. To lower our carbon footprint we have chosen to manufacture our products here at home. We are proud to be Made In The USA. Additionally, we source as many of our materials as possible in the States. Cold Case Gear is committed to giving back to the community which is why we are donating 1% of our revenue to environmental organizations. Together, we can make a difference.

About Us

Cold Case Gear was developed after years of spending frigid winters in Northern Minnesota and the stifling desert heat of the Badlands of South Dakota. Extreme temperatures wreck havoc on all of our outdoor essentials, especially our electronics and our food. The initial idea for Cold Case Gear came about after a New Years backcountry trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, a tradition for the founders. All of the camera batteries died after the first night out, with temperatures hovering between zero and ten degrees(f). Upon returning from this trip inspiration struck. Could we use insulating material to keep these batteries from dying? After ordering some sample insulation and running several tests, it was concluded that not only did this idea work, it worked far better than initially thought. Fast forward several months later and the first prototypes were created and tested. It was then that we found out that it could work on any number of things, from food to water filters. Everything worked better when stored in the insulated pouches. That all started as just an idea on January 1 of 2018. Now, thanks to our supporters, we are selling product nationwide.