Pack less, enjoy more. Save your battery
with our West Slope Case.

Bikepacking requires some very specialized equipment.

Space and weight are huge considerations. Batteries can take up a lot of room and add significant weight. Our West Slope Case is built to thermally protect your batteries against drain from hot and cold which means you can bring less battery power with you because you can conserve what you already have.

You can toss it in a jersey pocket, secure it to or between your handlebar bags, or toss it into a front pouch. Get complete protection from the elements and preserve your battery power so you can pack less and enjoy more.

So whether your adventures have you bikepacking the Colorado Trail, the Baja Divide, the GDMBR, or your racing the Arrowhead 135, the West Slope Case is perfect for protecting your phone or your GPS.

Bikepacking Arizona's Superbloom

We love adventure here at Cold Case Gear and we'll take it in anyform, although two wheels seems to be the most fun. Is there anything better than bombing down a seemingly endless dirt road? Well, we don't think there is. Cold Case Gear is based in the rugged San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado. We've got sections of both the Colorado Trail and GDMBR right out of our backdoor and its trails like these that inspire us to create.

We are no stronger to our phones dying while out on trail or even our GPS and PLB devices. We love to use our West Slope Case as a safety measure to make sure we can keep these devices charged and ready should we really need them. We're proud to protect the gear that gets you home safe.

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