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Weatherproof Phone Cases Built For Adventure

black diamond ski run or bust! take the west slope case for a spin

Take the West Slope Case skiing on your next adventure. It’s the best phone pouch for skiing. Whether you’re headed down a black diamond ski slope or you’re sticking to groomers, you’ll be stoked to have our West Slope Case with you. Our airtight closure not only keeps all the powder out but it provides easy access for a quick photo. Powder, black diamond ski slopes, easy groomers, or simple backcountry tours are where our aerogel phone case thrive.

hiking upwards towards the mountain. keep your phone charged with our west slope case

Whether you’re hiking upwards to the mountains or you’re headed into canyon country, make sure the West Slope Case gets packed along side your hiking shoes and down puffy. Our ultralight and airtight protective cellphone case is a must have on any adventure! At just over ninety grams you’ve got no reason to leave this behind.

the best summer phone cases are the ones that can handle water

Our West Slope Case is one of the best summer phone cases you can get. It’s a fully waterproof and floating phone case built to handle a simple splash from your paddle or a total submersion in case of a capsize. Whether you’re paddling the pristine lakes of the BWCA or you’re out for a leisurely paddle board session, our West Slope Case is the best phone case for water sports, insulating from the hot sun and 100% waterproof. Want to see just how well our waterproof floating phone case works? Check out this video!

cold case gear sharing favorite camping quotes around the fire with the west slope case

One of our all time favorite camping quotes is “I’ll take a five billion star hotel over a five star hotel anyway”. If you’ve ever enjoyed a clear night out in your tent in the backcountry, you know what we mean. The beautiful thing about camping is that it lets people from all walks of life enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re rocking a camping generator to keep your refrigerator cold or you’ve gone the opposite way and choose to cowboy camp under the stars, camping is for everyone. One of our other favorite camping quotes is “Make sure you pack your West Slope Case the next time you go camping, you’ll be glad you packed it”. Maybe we’re just biased but that’s got a great ring to it. Protect your phone from the extreme temperature swings you’re bound to face while camping.

The best fly fishing accessories and fishing phone cases. Thanks Cold Case Gear

Anglers rejoice! The West Slope Case is at the top of the heap for fishing phone cases and one of the best fly fishing accessories an angler could ask for. What are the qualities that make the West Slope Case so well adapted for fishing? It’s totally waterproof, provides flotation, is extremely secure. Clip it onto your waders and never risk dropping your phone into the river, lake, or ocean. It truly is one of the best gifts for outdoorsmen and such a great fly fishing accessory. Plus it’s made in the USA and we know you love that.

hunting phone cases and more on your essential backcountry hunting gear list

If you’ve been wondering about options for hunting phone cases then look no further. We built our West Slope Case oversized so you can even toss your hunter license in this phone case along with some extra cash or a credit card. Backcountry hunting is just about as extreme as it gets and we know you’ll want to add some Cold Case to your essential backcountry hunting gear list.

Our cellphone pouch is a great backpacking accessory. Cold Case Gear loves to play in the mountains.

Whether you’re backpacking light or backpacking heavy we hope that you’ll find that our West Slope Case is a versatile piece of kit for your essential backpacking list. Clip it onto your backpack chest strap, shoulder strap, or toss it in a side pocket. Our cellphone pouch will help to make sure your smartphone stays charged. The West Slope Case is large enough to fit many power banks and GPS units, even the Garmin 66i. Our smartphones have become one of our favorite backcountry gear choices so keep it protected, you rely on it for so much.

The West Slope Case by Cold Case Gear makes great gifts for snowboarders and gifts for outdoorsmen

Looking for gifts for the snowboarders in your life? Or you know, just looking to treat your own snowboarding self to a great new snowboarding accessory? Check out our West Slope Case! It can easily hang with you as you carve turns down the mountain. With the super insulating power of aerogel insulation you can keep your phone charged up no matter how cold it is or how long you’re out hunting powder. Use a bluetooth snowboarding helmet? The West Slope Case will let your music rock and roll all day long. With the magnetic closure you’ve got easy operation right at your finger tips so you never have to miss out on a chairlift selfie again.

a waterproof floating phone case makes for a great SUP accessory

If you’ve spent time on a Standup Paddleboard you likely have realized there isn’t a great spot to keep your phone. We think our West Slope Case is the best phone case for standup paddle boarding. With our webbing attachment you can easily clip this cellphone pouch to the deck for your SUP! Way to go Cold Case. Your phone is now completely protected from the glare of the sun as well as total protection from the water, even if you take a dunk, or multiple dunks.

Cold Case Gear makes the best tactical phone case and we make it in the USA

The best tactical phone case is the one that gets the job done, no frills. The West Slope Case was built with everyday adventures and missions in mind. Large enough to swallow your phone, cash, ID, credit cards, the West Slope Case is all you need to carry with you into the field. With military grade drop protection and a host of other features our indestructible phone case is up to anything you plan to do. We made the toughest phone case out there and we want you to put it through the wringer.

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