Cold Case Gear featured on trend hunter for aerogel cellphone pouch

Trendhunter Says "The Pouch Prevents Freezing"

TrendHunter loves Cold Case Gear

Traveling in wintery or cold climates can cause issues for technology products, so the Cold Case Gear 'The Pouch' is positioned as a solution to help support avid travelers.

The pouch has a specialized design that's intended to withstand extreme cold as well as extreme heat thanks to an aerogel insulation. This will work to prevent batteries from overheating or draining, not allowing food to melt or even freeze and also help with organizing essentials when out in the field.

The Cold Case Gear 'The Pouch' has a splashproof design that will easily withstand a range of weather conditions and offers 1.5 liters of space to make it the perfect addition to an existing backpack or travel system. The webbing on the backside allows it to be positioned easily onto most other packs.

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