Founder Jon Rosenberg and wife Deirdre Denali trek through Rocky Mountain National Park in northern Colorado on a recent photo shoot.

Company Week Shares Founders Story

Founder and owner Jon Rosenberg offers products to protect important -- and potentially life-saving -- items in the midst of extreme temperatures.

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The birth of Rosenberg's business began with dead batteries.

Rosenberg and his wife, nature photographer Deirdre Denali, were camping out in Rocky Mountain National Park on New Year's Day of 2018. Temperatures were freezing, and three feet of snow sat just off the trail. "It was basically the first morning at camp that we discovered none of her batteries were working," recalls Rosenberg. The extreme cold had drained the batteries, rendering them useless -- a cruel fate for a photographer, as well as a disappointing way to start the new year. "She didn't get any photos our whole trip," Rosenberg says.

What Rosenberg did eventually come away with, though, was the idea for a new product. He began working on the prototype of a protective pouch, incorporating aerogel -- a material with insulating properties -- as the liner. As someone who'd worked retail in the outdoor industry, and who'd written product reviews for (the site has described him as a "gear-nut"), Rosenberg knew no one else was marketing anything like it. By July 2019, he had his product design listed on Kickstarter, offering up 500 of the pouches -- using pre-orders to help him fund the initial production run.

After making further innovations, Rosenberg will be releasing two products (one updated, one new) in spring 2021.

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