Our indestructible phone case in all its glory

An Indestructible Phone Case

Modern adventures require modern solutions. Our smartphones are a part of ourselves, and they’ve become important instruments of exploration. Your iPhone or Android is likely by your side during each and every ridge you conquer, slope you shred, and rapid your rip through.

Cold Case Gear West Slope Case Is Among The Toughest Phone Cases


So, then, it makes sense that you’d want to protect it. That’s why Cold Case Gear is launching the most everything-proof lightweight phone case on the market—the West Slope Case. We use our smartphones to navigate remote backcountry trails, document our adventures, and keep in contact with the ones we love—they’re a vital part of present-day outdoor recreation.


The Cold Case Gear West Slope Case is an ultralight and indestructible phone case that’ll keep your digital lifeline in working order. It’s waterproof, impact-proof, and it’ll insulate your phone from all that Mother Nature can throw its way from frigid glacial frost to the scorching heat of the desert sun. There’s no safer place for your phone to be while you’re out exploring—except, maybe at home, but we all know that’s not an option.


So, how does one go about making an ultralight everything-proof phone case? Cold Case Gear is glad you asked.

It all starts with making sure that the phone case is airtight and waterproof. Comprised of a rugged TPU outer shell, the West Slope Case repels any and all moisture and debris that could damage your phone. The RF welded edges are impenetrable, and the main opening can be sealed shut on-demand with its airtight magnetic closure.


Thanks to the folks at Backpackers.com for talking about our West Slope Case! You can read the whole article right here. 



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