Our thermal phone case offers best in class protection from cold, heat, water, snow, and everything in between.

Why our thermal phone cases are the best

Thermal Phone Cases - We Make The Best!

Why are our thermal phone cases the best out there? Cold Case Gear is on a mission to create the best and the most versatile thermal phone cases out there. Whether you find yourself seeking out hidden backcountry powder stashes or smashing through a class four rapid, a waterproof thermal phone case is a must have. You may be thinking that with the temperatures rising heading into summer that you no longer need thermal protection for you phone, however, let me paint a little picture for you. Imagine you're out on your boat or your standup paddle board and your cellphone is just sitting their right in the full sun. It doesn't take long for your phone to overheat in the direct sunlight and then shut off. Why not protect it from the sun AND give it a completely waterproof case! Our West Slope Case also has a webbing loop so you can lash your phone straight to the deck of your SUP and have easy access to take some awesome selfies. 


Truly waterproof. Not just water resistant. We built our West Slope case to completely withstand all the elements. We built the West Slope Case with rugged, waterproof TPU on the outside, and robust aerogel on this inside. Our RF welded construction makes this one burly thermal phone case.

Go ahead and douse our West Slope Case with water. It is completely airtight and waterproof, making it the best thermal protection for your phone.


We use an airtight closure mechanism on our West Slope Case to ensure that nothing can get inside the enclosure, keeping your expensive cellphone safe from dust, debris, and everything else. The magnetic closure makes for simple one handed operation as well. By using an airtight closure we increase the efficiency of our aerogel insulation and help to make the West Slope Case the best thermal phone protection around. 


Our waterproof phone cases float! Even though they are built to be completely submersible our best in class thermal phone cases actually float. So should you find your cellphone taking a dive overboard you should be able to retrieve it without issue. 

Our floating phone case packs in fully waterproof design and lots of robust aerogel insulation to make this the best thermal phone case around

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