An early sample of our tactical phone case in Blaze orange. Want to see this color for real?

Who Needs A Tactical Phone Case

Why buy a tactial phone case

That’s a reasonable question and one that we’d love to answer for you. The folks over at MytacticalEDC recently picked up our very own West Slope Case and recommend for protecting your phone from impact as well as extreme cold. We like to think of it as a military grade phone case. We have also gone about testing this unique tactical phone case as if it were a military grade phone protector.

Alright, so why on Earth would you need this type of cellphone pouch? If your weekend adventures consist mostly of chores around the house, you probably don’t need military grade phone protection (though it doesn’t mean you don’t WANT it). However, if you’re more the kind of person that lives closer to the edge of adrenaline, you might be looking for something that provides a little bit of extra protection. Like, military standard drop protection.

Our super dense aerogel panels provide a sanctuary for your most important accessory. Your smartphone. We don’t care if you use an Android device or you’re among the iPhone faithful, we sized the West Slope Case to fit the majority of phones. Aerogel is the most efficient insulator on the planet and gram for gram provides the most insulation for it's size. 

Military grade phone case that's built for every thing you do

Hunters, we’re thinking of you. You probably use Onyx Maps or Gaiagps on a lot of your hunts to not just show you where your big game unit is but you also want to see the boundaries between public and private land.

Well, our West Slope Case provides drop and vibration protection so you can leave your phone up front on your ATV and provides enough impact protection that if you’re going horseback, heck, you could probably even let your horse take a walk on your phone.

Anglers, we’re thinking of you. We might have made the perfect smartphone accessory for anglers. By now you are well aware that we offer the best thermal protection for your phone, and that we have military grade drop protection, but did you know that thanks to our super dense aerogel insulation, our aerogel phone case has a high degree of flotation?

There is enough buoyancy on this tactical phone case that it can still float even when it’s dropped from dozens of feet up. Take a look at this video where we basically throw it as far as we can into a lake. It’s a good time. 

We’re thinking of all of you mountain bikers, skiers, hikers, backpackers, paddle boarders, and all other outdoor enthusiasts. We want to protect your most important piece of backcountry gear so you can be safe no matter what activity you get up to.

So, that brings us back to the original question. Why do you need a tactical phone case? You want smartphone protection that can keep up with you no matter what sport you do and can adapt and be versatile, and useful, in everything that you do. Our cellphone pouch is built to fit just about any phone out there, even if you already have a case on it. If you have a pro max or plus sized phone, they should fit without a case. 

Want to learn more about Cold Case Gear? Founder Jon Rosenberg recently sat down for a short interview with the 6in16 crew from We Get Outdoors. You can find the episode here.

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