Our winter phone case is the best in the game. Drop protection, waterproof protection, and more.

What Do We Do?

Space Age Material, Advanced Manufacturing, and Rural Life.

As a new business, we often field the question “What do you do?” Well, if you’ve made it over to this page that must mean that you are interested in the answer to this question as well.

Cold Case Gear makes ultralight and ultra insulating accessories for all kinds of outdoor recreation. Whether you’re a hiker, cyclist, runner, photographer, skier, climber, hunter, angler, or you just like to sit on your front porch and wave at folks walking by, Cold Case Gear is for you. Keep reading to learn more about what we do.

Made In The USA - Not just designed here, MADE here. I bet you recently bought something from a company that loved to tout “Designed In_____fill in the blank, USA”. Take a look at the invisible ink on that tag, because it will tell you that it is actually produced overseas. When we started this business we had a choice to make. Do we want to keep jobs here and support our local economy and provide jobs to hardworking Americans or do we want to make our products overseas so we can save a few dollars? We are proud to make the choice to make our products here and we continue to make that choice every day.

Ultralight - We don’t want to bulk and weight to your pack. That’s why we use the lightest weight materials available to us. Our products weigh in right around 100 grams. That’s approximately the weight of a few quality pens. For a small weight penalty, .you can keep your cellphone alive all-day and stay nourished without the mess of melted chocolate or the hassle of frozen food.

Ultra insulating - When we were deciding what insulation to use we merely looked to the stars. NASA has been using this stuff for decades to keep their astronauts safe from the brutal extremes they face during interstellar travel. If it can keep them safe, it can definitely keep your Cliff bar safe from the sun. Gonna be out for a longer than 8-12 hours? You can easily expel the cold or hot air from our products by opening them and squeezing out the air, then simply sealing it back up.

Giving Back - We donate 1% of every purchase to Protect Our Winters. We understand that doing business has an impact on our environment. We want our business to be a force for good. We are proud to contribute a portion of our profits to causes that we believe in. Stay tuned to learn about the different scholarships we are offering. Our goal is to get people from all walks of life out on an adventure of a lifetime, that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Adventure leads to transformative experiences and we want everybody to have access to these experiences. We will be announcing these scholarships in 2021.


We want you to control your journey, weather be damned.

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