Top 5 Reasons For Silent Sports

Top 5 Reasons For Silent Sports

Deirdre participates in silent sports like hiking and cross country skiing

5 Reasons To Engage In Silent Sports

Finding Peace Through Silent Sports

Perhaps the term Silent Sports is new to you. What are silent sports and why are they important? More importantly, how do we find peace through these silent sports?

Some examples of silent sports are: cross country skiing, hiking, running, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and fly fishing. You could also refer to silent sports as human powered. Within the outdoor recreation community there are basically two categories of recreation. The silent, human powered sports, and the motorized sports (think ATV’s and snowmobiles). We aren’t here to say if one or the other is better or that you can’t find peace through gasoline powered adventures. This is simply an opinion piece and we tend to skew more towards the side of the silent sport variety.

fly fishing is a wonderful silent sport to engage in  either alone or with your friends

Find tremendous inner peace and focus through human powered adventure

Silent sports can do a lot to improve ones state of mind as well as your connection to the natural world. When we participate in these human powered sports, whether with our own two feet, two wheels, or two skis, it requires a lot out of us. Physically of course but mentally as well. It requires us to monitor our breathing, our bodies (think of your gait, balance, etc), our surroundings both immediate and down the trail, and other external stimuli.

In monitoring all of these things we get a better understanding of ourselves and our environment. Speaking from personal experience I tend to get into a flow state when I am descending a long series of switchbacks while trail running. I set my gaze about ten feet in front of me, breath in through my nose to keep my heart rate in check, and am constantly monitoring my posture and foot position so I can descend safely and at a high rate of speed. When this is happening the only thing I’m thinking about is the trail in front of me.

Engaging in these silent sports can also teach us to appreciate the environment that live in. Many of the most fun sports would be all but impossible without our environment. Skiing, mountain biking, trail running, just to name a few, couldn’t exactly happen without the mountains or hills. Our environment is the greatest venue to play in. Nature is not our adversary or an object to be overcome, or conquered. It is there for us to be an active participant and observer.

We may be a little bit biased considering we are a company with deep roots within the outdoor recreation community. We aren't here to tell you what's right or wrong but simply to tell you what has worked for us.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons To Engage In Silent Sports

Gaining inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit a brick wall, either creatively or in my personal life, and have had to take to the hills! Being able to put aside all the turmoil and pay attention to just the burning of my lungs and aching of my legs has inspired some of my greatest work, or has at the very least brought me back from the throws of depression.

We look to sport for community, or personal achievement, and as a way of life. Whether you are into the silent human powered sports or you prefer to enjoy nature with a motor, we encourage you to get outdoors and into your environment.


Personal challenge. Want the most tangible way to test yourself? Sign yourself up for one of hundreds of incredible human powered adventures. There’s the American Birkebeiner, RAGBRAI, Arrowhead 135, GDMBR, or how about even the PCT?

Tune in - zone out. Just like taking a picture - focus is important. In our modern era it is increasingly easy to live life out of focus, or distracted. When we are distracted we can’t possibly do our best work (or run) but we set our minds up to be in a state of confusion. By participating in these silent sports and getting into your flow state you are helping your body and mind to come to a state of peace. There is possibly nothing more peaceful than an early morning after a fresh snow gliding through the fresh powder on your skis while the sun rises to greet you.

Quiet. Most of use these days are so far removed from true and utter quiet. The type of quiet where you can hear the fabric of your shirt rustling from just breathing. A quiet so deep that you strain to try and find sounds to recognize. In an increasingly busy world with more and more reasons and chances to have your focus and intentions pulled, some time to just be quiet can truly help to recenter you.

Fun. Ok, this one might seem obvious, but it doesn’t make it any less true! Silent sports, like trail running, can just be downright FUN, and who doesn’t want some of that? Whether your’e shredding a tight berm on your mountain bike or catching some air on your ski’s there is nothing quite as exhilarating as being in total control while you display mastery of your craft. I dare you not to grin ear to ear after slaying a wild descent on your road bike at 60mph or to pump your fist in the air after landing a trick you’ve been working on for ages.

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