The Colorado Trail: Lake City to Silverton.

Trekking for a few days from Lake City to Silverton along the Colorado Trail

We have been out of the office for the last several days. We took some time to test out some new Cold Case Gear products and build content for our new website (Launching Soon!). Being a Colorado-based company, we are privileged to have some of the most epic backcountry out our backdoor. We are Headquartered at the foot of the San Juan Mountains, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We sit smack dab in between two alpine heavens, the small communities of Lake City and Silverton. We took five days to do a little traverse between the two towns, utilizing the amazing Colorado Trail. Our route would see us backpack around 40 miles and gain roughly 9,000 ft. Brand photographer, Deirdre Rosenberg, loaded up all her kit in order to capture the beauty of the trail and get us some great content for our new website. All said, my backpack weighed in at 70 pounds (I carried a good deal of photo gear and extra kit for Deirdre) and her pack weighed in at 60 pounds.


Staying warm and dry in our tent and using our North Ridge Pouch to stop our batteries from dying in the cold overnight.

One of the biggest takeaways from this trip was that we were able to capture the whole thing in video and pictures, in large part because of our Cold Case products. The second evening the temperatures dropped into the low twenties. We were not expecting that at all and fortunately, I had been stowing my cellphone and my GoPro inside of our Pouch. Had my phone and GoPro died, I would have been unable to record our trip or capture these memories. This is a huge reason why Cold Case Gear makes the products that we do. We want to be sure that our customers can not just capture hard-earned memories but then be able to share with friends and family later on down the road.

One of our favorite views on the trek from Lake City to Silverton. Was happy to have our north ridge pouch to protect our outdoor essentials.

We also utilized our Cold Case Gear pouches to safely store our water filters in the evenings. Hollow fiber water filters tend to be what most hikers and backpackers alike use to filter their water. It provides an excellent lightweight solution that can filter a lot of water with ease. The only downside to these filters is that if water is left inside of them and freezes overnight, it shreds the delicate filtering mechanism. This is another huge benefit to our lightweight pouches. You can safely store your water filter AND your cellphone in our pouch to keep them both protected overnight.

Overall, we truly had a fantastic experience on the Colorado Trail. We are excited to announce new product coming SOON, as well as sharing with you all our new website. Much of the content for our new website was taken during this trip. Have you hiked the Colorado Trail? If so, we’d love to hear from you! If not, and you have questions, feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to help facilitate your journey! .



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