Stop the bonk! The Cold Case Gear West Slope Case or North Ridge Pouch stop your food from freezing OR keep food cold on your next hike.

Soft Coolers - Stop The Bonk!

Cold Case Gear repurposes soft coolers to stop the bonk.

The soft cooler market has been exploding as of late as is the hard cooler market. There are countless options out there these days for ways to keep your drinks cold or to keep your food cold. This tells us over here at Cold Case Gear that people are seriously invested in keeping their food or beverages at a nice temperature. Well, this is not lost on us. Cold Case Gear is a proposing a bold new way to look at soft coolers and the cooler industry as a whole. 

What if you could keep your outdoor snacks at a stable temperature?

Many years ago I was out on a fat bike ride in Minnesota in late December and I was bonking, hard. Unfamiliar with that term? Basically it means that your glucose levels are crashing and you have absolutely no energy. This can happen for a few reasons but one of the key factors is nutrition, or lack thereof. When you're expending energy you need to consume energy. If you don't consume enough you run out of your energy stores and you will experience the dreaded BONK.

Well, it was on this cold December day that I experienced the bonk and experienced it hard. I was still about ten miles away from my destination and I was having a rough time. My energy levels had dropped so low that I had a hard time cycling hard enough to keep my engine revved and my body heat was dropping. But wait! I had forgotten that I brought an extra energy bar with me for just such an occasion. Well, I reached into my frame bag to grab out this much needed energy and....

My energy bar was frozen solid!

Uh oh. The energy I desperately needed could not be consumed. This was a problem. I should have created Cold Case Gear back then but it took nearly eight years to come up with the idea. 

Enter The Bonk Free Zone

Ok, so let's get back to soft coolers shall we? We look at both our North Ridge Pouch and our West Slope Case as mini soft coolers. Whatever you put in here the temperature will stay relatively stable, meaning to extremes like freezing or melting. You can utilize this to your advantage on your next adventure. Now you can stop your food from freezing while you're out skiing or biking. Prevent trail mix and your precious chocolate from melting, or you can keep your snacks or drinks cold. We designed our North Ridge Pouch to hold a full day worth of snacks. It will keep them insulated from the elements so you can enjoy them when you need them. 

We wanted to have the key features of a soft cooler but shrink it down to a portable and packable size. The Cold Case Gear North Ridge Pouch is the perfect miniature soft cooler for your next day hike or trip down the river. With an insulated and completely submersible construction you know your food and outdoor essentials will stay safe with us. That's our promise to you. 



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