Meet the West Slope Case, our indestructible phone case. With an airtight closure, it is completely weather sealed, and 10mm of padding make this the best cell phone case for drop protection.

Our Indestructible Phone Case

Meet The Indestructible Phone Case

We have been hard at work torture testing our West Slope Case, as well as our founder, to find out just how much abuse it can take. As it turns out, it seems that we have created the most indestructible phone case and we are darn proud of it. Thanks to our airtight magnetic closure absolutely nothing can penetrate the sanctuary of our West Slope Case, and we tried! This heavy duty, military grade phone protector is no joke. We recognize and appreciate how smartphones today have become an absolute essential piece of equipment for safe and enjoyable backcountry travel. We also know that having a full time burly phone case like an Otterbox Defender can be a bit much. Our West Slope Case shines because it can be there when you need it and stashed away when you don't. It's heavy duty and large enough to accommodate most phones even with a case on, so you get even more protection. 

The West Slope Case utilizes 10mm of aerogel insulation to provide not just unparalleled performance in cold and heat but it adds military grade drop protection. This military grade drop protection combined with our waterproof and airtight closure allows for some pretty fun testing. We consistently hurl our phones a long distance away from us to make sure this heavy duty phone case is up to snuff. Why would you need or want to have something so heavy duty? The construction of this indestructible phone case didn't actually start off with the intent on making such a heavy duty product.

First and foremost we wanted to make a thermal phone case that extends your battery life so you don't have to worry about your phone shutting down on you when you needed it most. To do that we knew we wanted to use aerogel insulation. It just so happened that the aerogel panels we use are thick enough and dense enough to provide military grade drop protection. 

Next, we knew that we wanted it to be waterproof. This is what attached us to using TPU materials as well as RF welding. To make the product truly waterproof and not just water resistant we knew we'd also need a waterproof and airtight closure mechanism. When you wrap up the entire package you get an indestructible phone case simply by design. Thick padding, heavy duty materials, and a magnetic airtight closure to keep it all together. We are so confident in our West Slope Case that your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. 

We designed our smartphone case to withstand the harshest of conditions to be sure you'll protect your most important piece of equipment no matter what happens. Kayakers love our West Slope Case as it allows simple protection and storage of their phone, even if they have to execute a roll or two. Skiers love it because they can attach it to their packs for easy access and it stays protected from the cold no matter how long they're chasing powder.

To make this heavy duty phone case we chose an extremely advanced form of manufacturing called RF welding. This Radio Frequency technology creates a product that has no seams. Traditional cut and sew manufacturing creates seams in which air or water can penetrate through those very seams.

This then requires the use of a seam sealer or seam tape. We bypass that entirely by using RF welding and waterproof materials to create an indestructible phone case that can live up to anything you might want to throw at it. 

In this modern era it's no secret that our cell phones have become an absolute essential item while adventuring out doors. From taking photos, reading maps, and communicating with our friends and family, it absolutely is an essential item to bring with you.

So go ahead and give it the protection it deserves. Remember, we offer a lifetime warranty on our products! Unsure if our thermal phone case will fit with your phone? Check out our fit guide in our FAQ section.

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