Our winter phone case uses a space age material called aerogel insulation to make our space age cooling cell phone case

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Our Founder

Cold Case Gear founder Jon Rosenberg standing in the snow no doubt thinking about how to build his space age business. their first product is a ski phone case

It seems like just yesterday when I returned home from a winter backcountry trip with my wife, after spending days in the frigid chill of Rocky Mountain National Park. We have an annual tradition to go backcountry camping for New Years, and every year has gotten colder and more remote. My wife is a photographer, and part of what makes these journeys so much fine is the incredible photos that she captures while we are out. Unfortunately, on that infamous trip, her camera batteries died from being in the cold for too long, and she wasn’t able to capture much.

After we had some time to reflect on how our trip went I had an interesting thought. Derived from my experience in the outdoor industry, I wondered if it was possible to keep batteries alive in the cold, by utilizing aerogel. The NASA proven insulation. Working two jobs just to stay a float there wasn’t a ton of extra room in our budget to play around with this idea, but I pulled the trigger and ordered some a tiny little sample of insulation. That same jar of insulation is sitting on my desk as a reminder to pursue your dreams.

Well, our initial tests with the aerogel proved to be a shocking proof of concept. We could keep batteries fully charged at zero degrees for twelve hours. Shortly thereafter, I had the first run of samples made. These were early prototypes but they allowed us to test a real product. It was then that we realized that our product would work for so much more than just batteries. We tested food by placing it inside our pouch and then putting the pouch in the freezer overnight. To our delight, when we retrieved our food in the morning it was still pliable and easy to eat.


Our first space age prototype getting tested near the Matterhorn. It was destined to be a great winter phone case

Our very first sample of “The Pouch”

This all happened at the very beginning of 2018. Fast forward to today and we have been honored and be invited to pitch our business idea to investors and entrepreneurs, successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign, and as of one week ago, officially complete our first production run. We have a lot of exciting things to work on in the future and couldn’t be more excited to bring new projects to life and to share them with our community.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Jon Rosenberg

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